The Best Room Service Carts for the Toughest Conditions

Room Service Carts

   MH DESIGN has been designing and manufacturing room service and food service carts for the hospitality industry for fifteen years. The focus of MH DESIGN has been the design and manufacture of carts for specific requirements and to use the proper materials to suit your needs, and to manufacture carts to last longer, 
be more durable, and dependable.

   Our flagship cart the RS CRUISERTM is used exclusuvely at Florida's largest resort due to its durability and its ability to handle the high volume of business. We have also designed or manufactured, tray retreval carts, a transfer cart for dirty china, remote server stations,  and the five star RS CRUISERTM for a royal suite. We also manufacture collapsible beverage housings for holding ice and beverages for meetings, conventions or hospitality suites. Do you need vinyl covers for carts or equipment? we can supply those as well!

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (352) 267-3464

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